At Rock ‘N Rubble Solutions we crush and screen all of our material on site.  Our signature blended concrete and gravel road bases is a superior product with excellent compaction qualities.  The hills gravel has a natural dust suppression added to the mix and is perfect for landscapers and gravel driveways.

  • Screen Sand
  • Road Base Blended Concrete & Hills Gravel
  • Concrete Drainage Material ~ 30mm to 40mm
  • Hills Gravel <8mm with Natural Dust Suppression Added
  • <13mm Cracked Gravel
  • <17mm Cracked Gravel

We accept incoming concrete and rubble, to be recycled and processed.

  • Clean Sand
  • Clean Concrete
  • Clean Concrete with Rio
  • Oversized Concrete with Reo
  • Mixed Concrete, Bricks and Sand
  • Builders Waste
  • Skip Bins

Please call us to discuss your requirements.